When our students are ready to build a prototype of their idea that will change the world, they will visit our Maker Spaces filled with supplies and materials to bring their ideas to life. Our students will collaborate as they build their models from scratch. Giving resources to GCA helps make more of those opportunities for our students and we thank you for your generosity.

You can find many of our needed resources on the list below around your house for free, others can be purchased. You can send your items directly to Gahanna Christian Academy at 817 N. Hamilton Rd. or drop off your donations in the main office on Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm on days the school is open.

We would love for you to include your name and address on the package so that our staff and students can thank you for your donation!


  • Art Supplies: Air Dry Clay, Aprons/Smocks/Shirts, Beads, Canvas, Charcoal, Corn Starch, Drawing/Charcoal Paper, Epoxy, Glue, Glue Gun Sticks, Modge Podge, Paint, Paper (color and plain), Pipe Cleaners, Plaster, PlayDough, Watercolor Sets


  • General Supplies: Command Strips, Copy Paper, Post-it Paper, Post-it Notes, Poster Board, Sharpies, Whiteboard Markers


  • Miscellaneous: Duct Tape, Frisbees, Funnels, Legos/Building Blocks, Masking Tape, Ping Pong Balls (or similar), Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses, Velcro, Wax Paper, Wheels,


  • Recycled/Used Materials: Caps or Lids, Cardboard, Dowels/Rods/Poles, Egg Containers, Empty Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls, Fabrics, Legos/Building Blocks, Old Electronics, Scrap Wood, Styrofoam


  • Tools: Cardboard Scissors/Knives, Phillips Head Screw Drivers, Tools or Hardware, Work Gloves