Preparing Students for Their Future


GCA’s Pillars of Education


Adventure with Christ

Following Christ is life’s greatest adventure and it’s our passion to engage students in their personal adventure with Christ. GCA’s culture, goals, instruction and expectations are grounded in the belief that our biggest responsibility is to help develop world-changing disciples of Christ. Our students are actively engaged in Bible study, worship, prayer and ministry daily and create and lead ministries and service projects year-round. The pursuit of becoming action-oriented Christ-followers who lead and serve the world is woven into everything we do and into every interaction with our students.

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Unleashing Passion

Empowering students to explore and find their gifts, talents, interests and passions engages students inside and outside of the classroom. This process gives students a voice in their education. Student-centered learning is not self-centered learning, it requires students to be actively involved with their classmates and accountable for their own learning. Students are responsible for working productively in teams and also independently while teachers guide and facilitate learning through large group, small group and individual work.

Hands-On Exploration

Students are powerful people who learn by wrestling with deep questions, discussing these questions to expand their insight and designing insightful projects to communicate their ideas about these questions with real audiences. Our students create solutions, ideas, inventions, performances and presentations that emulate real world work processes and provide insight and impact for changing the world. The maker space is where students explore design-thinking processes and create, make and invent solutions bringing out their inner entertainer, entrepreneur or engineer!

Integrated Academics, Art & Athletics

Students progress through Ohio Academic standards individually so that each student can achieve “mastery” on their own pace rather than their chronological age. This provides students an opportunity to excel in their strength and continue to work on their areas for growth until they have academic mastery. 

Student passions drive the diverse artistic opportunities on campus; we strive to provide opportunities for all students to explore and express their artistic talent. GCA hosts competitive Middle School basketball as part of the Mid-Ohio Christian Athletic League.  


What Do We Mean By Christian School?


Following Jesus is our greatest adventure.

Like a typical Christian School, we have chapel every week. But ours is led by the students, for the students! We believe this gives students an opportunity to express their faith in a unique and personal way no matter their age. 

Every day our students have a daily morning meeting that includes prayer and a devotional. In addition to this, scripture and discipleship is woven into projects and lessons throughout the day.

Teaching our students how to walk daily with Jesus is just one way we embody what it means to be a Christian School. 


- 1st Grade

Our Early Learning Community provides hands-on opportunities in a Reggio-Emilia Inspired environment.

  • Two Classrooms, One Community: Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten and a Kindergarten and 1st Grade Blended Classroom together make up our dynamic learning community

  • Every student has the opportunity to grow at their own pace, be a student, a teacher to their peers and encounter new and changing content in our engaging environment.


2nd-5th Grade

Our 2nd-5th Grade Learning Community embraces the Design Thinking Cycle and digs into Real World Problem Solving.

  • Blended classrooms across grade levels provide dynamic learning opportunities for students to grow at their own pace.

  • Project based learning provides a platform for deeper learning. Grade-level content standards are woven into quarter or semester long in-depth studies connected to real world problems like water quality, homelessness, nutrition, energy and more!


6th-8th Grade

Our 6th-8th Grade Learning Community deepen their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills through student-led projects and opportunities.

  • Students learn about their spiritual gifts, how to use them practically and give back to our school, local and global communities.

  • Students progress at their own pace through their academics and have opportunities to explore their passions and talents through extracurriculars, integrated arts and projects. 


Partnerships & Accreditation


One Church

Gahanna Christian Academy (GCA) is a vital part of One Church and we hold the same core values.

GCA is open to all interested families who desire to have their children engaged in learning how to become a lifelong disciple of Christ and empowered to learn through big questions and projects that explore how to impact the world.


GCA is accredited and chartered by the state of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education.

The Future of Education is Happening at GCA…

It all began with inspiration to change the world through education. Our model, style and vision is founded in research and we are not on this journey alone. Check out one of our fellow inquiry-driven schools below:

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